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New nomenclature of Synthos EPS products

We are pleased to inform you that in connection with the acquisition of INEOS Styrenics in 2016, our company is currently in the process of optimising its EPS product portfolio. We are gradually withdrawing from the production of old materials, substituting them with technologically more-advanced products. What’s more, we have standardised the product nomenclature to simplify the ordering process of our products; we have also introduced a new name for packaging products.

The current name “Synthos EPS” is to be replaced by two names: "InSphere”, for construction products, and “InPacto” for packaging products. The name “EPS Silver” for grey products is to be replaced by “Silver”. The terminology of individual EPS types and fractions is also to be unified. At the same time, we would like to emphasise that the changes concern only the terminology and product nomenclature, and there are no changes to the formulation and characteristics of the final materials.

The new terminology is to be gradually implemented in all locations in the first quarter of 2018.

Below you can find the list of names and nomenclatures for the transitional period:

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