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InVento - market success of the new product

It has been almost a year since InVento appeared on the Polish market and on the markets of other Central European countries. We followed the early sales of our new product with great attention, because InVento - the production of which began in 2018 - is manufactured in a completely new state-of-the-art plant located in Oświęcim. The development of the technological manufacturing process is the result of the work of our R&D team.

Today, now we know how InVento has been perceived by our customers, we can speak of great success. InVento is considered to be the best product among those available on the market for converters and EPS end users. What made this happen?

First of all, InVento is a completely innovative product, which has parameters that have not been offered on the EPS market before. Our customers were very interested in the production tests and the tests of the finished products for on-site applications.

Secondly, the obtained test results confirmed significantly better parameters of the finished products than before. The most important are much lower heat transfer coefficient over the entire density range and better mechanical properties compared to those obtained from similar products on the market. The production testing process itself showed a significant reduction in the amount of plastic used in thermal insulation boards production process and an increased efficiency for the whole process. The stability of the InVento parameters in case of overbalance and the fact that the material is completely dedusted (it does not contain small fractions) gives it a great competitive advantage over similar materials on the market. Additional benefits include shortened production cycle times, improved production efficiency, high quality and repetitive appearance of the finished thermal insulation boards. Particularly noteworthy is the high content of polystyrene recyclates, which today is an extremely important aspect of the EPS eco-friendliness, which, in the light of the changes resulting from the assumptions of the Circular Economy, will affect the developing market of EPS.

An important element of InVento's exemplary introduction to the market was also the professional support and after-sales service of our company's representatives - sellers and technical advisors. We would like to express our special appreciation to the production team. Without their attention to the proper functioning of the manufacturing processes, the materials would not have reached such a high level of quality.

InVento products are currently available only in selected markets. Detailed information on its availability can be obtained from Synthos EPS representatives.

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